GDPR Sensitive Data Compliance & SharePoint Metadata Taxonomies


TermSet is a UK software company that has developed affordable software products that embrace the latest innovative technologies based on Artificial Intelligence. We are helping organisations to manage their GDPR sensitive data compliance or automatically apply metadata and taxonomies to documents within Microsoft SharePoint.



GDPR Sensitive Data Compliance

  • ScanR is a low cost software product that discovers Sensitive & Personal Identifiable Information within all types of documents across multiple systems.
  • Comply with GDPR sensitive data regulations & avoid substantial fines & reputational damage.
  • Automate the process for managing Right to be Forgotten & Subject Access Request’s.
  • Uses Artificial Intelligence based on Pattern Matching to ensure sensitive key word accuracy.


SharePoint Metadata Taxonomies

  • TagR is a low cost software product that automatically applies Metadata and Taxonomies to documents stored within Microsoft SharePoint.
  • Deliver the Google search experience within SharePoint for your users.
  • Guarantees SharePoint end user adoption.
  • Uses Artificial Intelligence based on Natural Language Processing & Machine Learning.

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“The GDPR requires all organisations to implement a wide range of measures to reduce the risk of their breaching the GDPR and to prove that they take data governance seriously, ScanR provides us with that capability.”  
University of Derby | James Eaglesfield | Data Protection Officer